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WILLIAM TO, Business Development Director


William brings with him over 20 years of experience in overseeing and managing research projects in the areas of financial services, healthcare, FMCG, IT & Telecom, Automobile, Logistic & Transportation, Entertainment & Media and Professional & Government Bodies.

Prior to FRC, he was with ACME Business Consulting (Tricor Business Consulting now), responsible for the overall business activities and project management of Research Division in the Greater China region. Before that, he was the Business Director of Asia for Datamonitor. He also spent several years with TNS, GfK and ORC.

William’s research experience covers many areas including mystery shopping, customer/employee experience, customer perception, employee engagement, employee lifecycle, employer branding and action planning.

ANDREW LEUNG, Qualitative Research Director


Andrew has 14 years of experience in the market research industry. He began his career in trade research and competitive intelligence where he worked on regional studies focusing on market entry, market sizing and identifying growth trends.

Andrew has been conducting focus groups, B2B and B2C in depth interviews for multi-national clients in many fields including Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Tobacco, Technology, Food & Beverages, Banking & Finance, Gaming & Hospitality, Digital Media, etc.

After years of involvement in projects that cover the Greater China and APAC regions, Andrew has conducted studies in the emerging markets e.g. Africa, Middle East, Latin America, South Asia. He often works closely with MNC clients to explore insights and formulate actionable strategies, in both global and local levels.

DANDY NG, Operations Direcotor


Dandy is an experienced Mainland China & Hong Kong fieldwork and data processing operation director. During the past 5 years, Dandy has conducted more than 300 projects covering different cities in China and Hong Kong.


Due to Dandy career at data processing, therefore he knew the client needs and quality is most important. He always provides the expertise advice to his clients and convince them use what's methodology will achieved their need and make them trustful.


Prior to joining FRC, Dandy worked as field research team leader in Hong Kong Disneyland's for 4 years. He set up the field interviewer's and data processing team from Ground open until he left. During his tenure at Hong Kong Disneyland, Dandy specialized in park insight and guess satisfaction research.

ROCKY LAW, Fieldwork Director

Rocky has more than 30 years of experience in fieldwork operation in HK. He is one of the most experienced fieldwork management people in HK. He manages over thousands of projects in HK in the past 10 years including, product test, product placement, CATI, CAPI, CAWI, focus group, etc.


Prior to FRC, Rocky is the fieldwork director of The Research Pacific Hong Kong, he oversees the fieldwork operation in HK. Before that, he was in charge the fieldwork department in TNS HK.


Rocky brings his experience to enhance the fieldwork capability of FRC and he oversees the fieldwork department in FRC.


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